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Create your own “Bradical & the Pink Socks” face mask with the co-writer, Christopher Hlinka!

How to make your own #Bradical face mask:

*Adult supervision required


Face Mask Materials

  • 1 large knee-high sock

  • 2 rubber-bands or hair ties

  • Hot glue (or regular glue works as well) *Adult supervision required

  • Decorations to put on the front of your mask

Step 1

Lay the sock flat on the table.


Step 2

Place a rubber band on each end of the sock about two inches in.


Step 3

Fold inward over the rubber-band & glue the folds down. *Adult supervision required


Step 4

Flip over and decorate the front!


Step 5

Let it dry overnight before wearing.

**Be sure to follow recommendations for mask care and maintenance!

Wear your mask with pride as you watch the ZOOM edition of the musical:

#BradicalGoesDigital Discussion Questions:

Questions to consider before watching "Bradical and the Pink Socks":

  1. When you read the title Bradical and the Pink Socks, what first comes to mind?

  2.  When you picture someone wearing pink, who is it?  Describe them? 

  3.  What makes you feel confident?


Questions to consider after watching "Bradical and the Pink Socks":

  1. When Dad makes a mistake with the laundry, you see Brad and Savannah’s mood shift. What emotions do you think they are feeling? What do you think Dad is feeling?

  2. During gym class, Carl’s words distract Brad and he loses focus in the big game.  Has there been a time in your life that someone else’s words upset you? What did that feel like?

  3. When Brad and Mimi need a friend the most, they are lucky to have each other. “Every stupendous mistake leads to something totally great” are the words that they use to cheer each other up! What idea or phrase would you use to cheer up a friend?

  4. At the end of the story, Carl and the Bullies wear pink socks too.  Why do you think they decide to do this?

Questions to explore the making of "Bradical and the Pink Socks":

  • SETTING: noun - The time and place of the action of a book, play, or motion picture.

  • SCENE: noun - A single situation or section of a play or motion picture. 

  • PROP: noun – An object such as a schoolbook, plate, or flashcard, used by actors in a play or motion picture to help tell a story.

  • PANTOMIME: verb – To represent something or communicate through gesture and/or facial expression.


  1. At the beginning of the show, in the first scene, there is an image of a house over Brad’s head. In the last scene, Brad and his friends are surrounded by a basketball court. Why do you think these images appear in the story?

  2. Mimi and Brad present their volcano project to their teacher and the other students at school. What is the setting of this scene? What other details can you imagine are in this room? What’s hanging on the walls?

  3. The actors in "Bradical and the Pink Socks" Zoom Edition do not use any props to tell their story. When they want you to see something in their hands, they pantomime the object.

    Now it’s your turn!

    Think about your morning routine. What do you do first?  Try acting it out without finding any props to help you tell your story!  

Color Your Socks in #Bradical Style!

Click to download:


Watch more #Bradical videos:

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